Review: Technivorm Moccamaster Thermal

Review: Technivorm Moccamaster Thermal

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Coffee is something of a religion in Melbourne. There are thousands of cafes dotted around every suburban hub and city laneway, and all of them take the perfect cup of coffee seriously. We’ve even claimed to have the best coffee in the world.

When we travel, one of the first things we do is hunt for a good café. When we get home, the first thing we do is complain about the quality of the coffee we had. Coffee snobbery amongst Melbournians knows no boundaries. It has levels. Even people who drink their lattes from McCafe scoff at people who drink instant coffee, and so on. We all have our opinion on where to get the best coffee in Melbourne (my tips are below) and swear by our favourite café.

I like to start my day with coffee, as much out of habit as anything else. The issue with this is that I get up before 5am and there’s nowhere open. So if I want to have coffee before a ride or run, it’s on me.

Years ago I had a Nespresso machine; it was OK at the time, certainly better than instant coffee, but it was also noisy (my wife doesn’t get up at 5am!) and I could never find a ‘pod’ flavour that I loved. I was settling, something we do not do in Melbourne when it comes to coffee.

My next step was the AeroPress. A brilliant solution for great filter coffee, AeroPress is quick, portable, and consistent. Milk was officially out of my morning coffee, though I’m sure you could add milk to yours if you really want to.

The only issue I found with AeroPress was that it was just too small. I often have a second coffee when I get home from my ride, and my wife will also make one when she gets up. We needed a bigger system. AeroPress is still great for travel and it’s one of the first things I pack when going on a trip.

While I would have loved to have spent thousands on a home espresso machine, it simply wasn’t practical. Despite not having thousands of dollars to spend on an espresso machine, they take up precious bench space and the noise would not have gone down well at 5am when my wife is sleeping! 

Enter the Technivorm Moccamaster Thermal

The Moccamaster retails for $455 and makes up to 1.25 litres (around 5 cups), and comes complete with a thermal carafe that keeps brew warm for a couple of hours. It’s super simple to use; pour cold or hot water in one section, put your grind and filter paper in another section (don’t forget to wet the filter paper – a very important step), and it does the rest. Once the water is in the filter paper, I give it a stir and open the dam wall to the first setting, which gives a slow and controlled pour into the carafe.

The result is a hot cup of coffee ready in a couple of minutes, with enough in the jug to get you through whatever comes at you.


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